Member Benefits

Parts Buying Power


Saving $$$ off your parts purchasing by gaining real BUYING POWER can mean substantially increased profits!  



Save up to 50% off printing costs with our printing services. Business Cards, Brochures, Mailers!

Health Care


Want Health Care for yourself or your family?  By joining with RepairsFirst org you get complete access to Expert Guidance and health plan choices tailored to your needs that offer sensible savings on Health Care.



Joining RepairsFirst,org gives you Buying Power and discounted payroll services with some of the largest Payroll Companies in the world.

Store Fixtures


Want to open a new location, or redesign your shop, we can help with discounted store fixtures! Join for access to great deals. 



Joining will give you access to Buying Power discounts on store signage, large format printing and banners.

POS Systems


Your new Buying Power obtained by joining RepairsFirst,org will give you discounts of POS software from some of the leading POS Software companies in the world.



Want access to capital?  Joining RepairsFirst,org will give you access to new capital sources.



Network and make friends with others in the same Electronics Repair space.  Learn Best Practices for profitability, pricing, tech skills and more! Join for access to our Member Community.



Joining RepairsFirst,org and take advantage of exclusive discounts on Advanced Tech Training, Sales training and more.

New Construction Assistance


Have you looked into opening a new location, or redesigning your existing shop and found the local building inspectors are blocking your every turn?  By joining, we can help you with steeply discounted Architectural Drawing, advice and more.

Promotional Products


Promote your shop using our exclusive member discounts on promotional products!

Operations Assistance


Front of the House - Sales training, Up Sales, Ordering

How much money are you leaving on the table by not having properly trained staff?  How well does your "tech" staff interact with customers to benefit the store with Up Sales with parts & accessories?  We can help!

Back of the House - Tech Training, Inventory, Parts Management and Recycling

How well does your tech manage RMA's, inventory?  Do they manage recycles?  Are they breaking devices?  How do you get more engagement from your techs?  We can help!

Owner Training - Your Role, Management, Profits

What is your role in the financial and operations success of your operation?  Can you drive more revenue?  How do you squeeze more profits?  We can help!

Marketing - Grass roots, Social Media

In todays digital world, Newspapers and other legacy media is outdated.  Are you capturing market share with natural listings, website, and social media.  Recently Google initiated some significant changes that impact all Repair Shops.  How can you make sure your capitalizing on all aspects of growing your business?  We can help!

Weekly Webinars - Industry Experts

Every week we will bring on industry experts to speak via webinar or on our PodCast.  These experts will share their experience in all aspects of running a successful Repair Shop.

Remodeling or Opening a New Store?

We have experienced folks to connect you with to help in all aspects of construction and remodeling.  Permitting, do's & dont's, and other ideas to help save you time and money!  We can help!