Our Mission

We want all consumers to think in terms of Repairs First, Recycle & Replace second.  This is vital to the Electronics Repair industry, the environment and the economy.  

Ever since the dawn of the first computer, American Repair Companies have been buying, repairing and selling electronics without the fear that they may not have the right to repair customers devices. 

Now, more and more products come with contracts and/or mandatory service agreements that require the consumer to have certain repairs completed by the OEM’s even if they do not want to pay higher prices and/or get inferior service.

These OEM’s are lobbying to try to take away simple FREEDOM of choice away from consumers and close the loop on competition and innovation in the Electronics Repair industry. 

They want to severely limit our rights to repair consumer products more cost effectively. The freedom that our forefathers fought and died for is in jeopardy unless we bond all of our Electronic Repair Shops together with the Repairs First Association and stand up against the OEM’s & mega Corporations that are trying to take away consumer rights and destroy our industry.

Help us, by joining with the non profit, Association and let us help you in return with Buying Power, Operations Support, Sales Training, Parts Discounts,  and other products and services including Health Care! 

We are the industry’s first non-profit CO-OP designed to bring a real voice and co-operative buying power to Electronic Repair Shops throughout the USA and the rest of the world.


Who are we?


Repairs First was founded by a combination of Repair Shop owners and former Founder & C- Level Executives of one of the first CELL PHONE REPAIR franchises in the USA. Our association has been founded to help Electronic Repair Shops to be able to obtain buying power and access to discounts on Parts, Tools, Business Services, Operational Support, Certifications, Networking, Payroll and HEALTH CARE services. 

Most importantly, help protect your constitutional freedoms while improving your electronics repair business! 



Seeing a need for powerful, energetic, nonprofit work in this area, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions. We are here to help you! We are proud of our industry, it is truly an amazing community!  Join us and become part of a LOUD VOICE!


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